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Interpretation & Consecutive Translation

At Al Wafi Authorized Translation Center, we have a team of highly trained interpreters to interpret conferences and meetings, whether live meetings or through social media platforms.

We also have a specialized team of certified translators in the Egyptian government agencies to accompany foreigners in the Real Estate Registry, the Investment Authority and all government agencies.

Authorized Translation

We provide Authorized Translation of all documents in all languages, as we are accredited by the Egyptian Translators Association (EGYta).

What is a Authorized Translation?

A Authorized Translation is a written translation of the original document, provided that the translation is identical to the original. An original or a photocopy of the document to be translated shall be attached with the translation affixed with the seal of approval and the translation center’s data.

Legal Translation

Financial Translation

Whether annual reports, income statement or next year’s forecast, we take care of all finance related documents. Our financial translators have demonstrable experience in this field and thus ensure that the intricacies of documents are translated without any margin of error. In the final performance of your financial translation projects we will keep the quality and accuracy of key indicators such as interest, return on investment ROI or EBITDA accurately. We support a variety of translation facilities for financial services, including :

Private and Public Offers – Insurance Documents – Bank Statements, Commercial Registration Tax Documents – Auditor Reports -Government Tax Reports – Reporting Guidelines – Finance – Action Plans – Brochures – Annual Reports – Reports required from the Authority – Securities and Exchanges – Income Statements – Balance Sheets – Cash Flow Statements

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

At Al-Wafi Authorized Translation Center, we have a dedicated team of experts who respond effectively to the medical and pharmaceutical translation needs that are carried out at each independent stage of the operation to translate documents required by medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Our skilled translators cover the entire process, as we translate new drug development plans in the patent and drug discovery labs, up to non-clinical trials, clinical studies, post-marketing surveys, standard operating procedures, marketing data, medical reports for all specialties and clinical analyzes, in addition to ERP localization in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Al Wafi Center for Authorized Translation supports a variety of medical translation services including :

Reports – Hospital Discharge Statements – User Information – Animal Studies – Case Report Forms – Clinical Trial Protocols – Medicines Package Listing – Foreign Drug Legislation – New Investigative Drug Applications – Press Releases – Material Safety Data Sheets – Medical Equipment Instruction User Manuals of New Drugs – Patents – Patient Education – Medical Charts and Patient Records – Research Reports – Scientific Correspondence – Standard Operating Procedures for Pharmaceutical Companies – Data Tables – PhD theses – Files – Drug Trials – Expert Reports – Regulatory Documents

Technical Translation

We work closely with our technical team, which is one of the best teams specialized in technical translation services that works closely with our clients to plan, implement and select the terminology and glossary that is consistent with the field to be translated to achieve guaranteed results and reliable translation. At Al Wafi Authorized Translation Center, technical translators are highly trained, so you will find that they are highly experienced with technical knowledge to provide specialized technical translation in all languages .

Civil and Hydraulic – Engineering – Electrical Engineering – Electronics – Energy – Software and Hardware – Transportation – Aviation Engineering – Agriculture – Automotive – Building and Construction – Material Safety Data Sheet – Chemical Engineering – Steel industry – Industrial Engineering – Machines and Tools – Army and Weapons – Information Technology – Mining & Metals – Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal – Plastic and Rubber – Telecommunications

Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Translation

At Al Wafi Authorized Translation Center, we understand the value of marketing and advertising translation and how important it is for any organization to work with a competent language provider who can efficiently produce a good mix of content by the source language and target language cultures. We have an effective awareness of the local market and the necessary expertise to accurately translate projects related to marketing materials, branding, messaging and packaging for your company, all internal and external communications, and to communicate with your target audience with your translated material. Al Wafi Authorized Translation Center offers a wide range of marketing and advertising documents. including :

News articles – Promotional Documents – Ads – Newsletters – Marketing Research – Selling Materials – Multimedia Presentations – TV and Radio Reports – Communication Companies – Articles – Website texts – Publications – Brochures – Customer inquiry forms and advertisements – auto reply to emails – Media – Printing – Emails – Public Relations – Press Releases – Product Catalogues – Sale Offers – Promotional Materials

Educational Translation and E-learning

We translate all your educational documents at Al Wafi Authorized Translation Center for many educational bodies as well as business agencies, we provide first-class educational translation. We translate a wide range of education-focused documents and materials including brochures, training programs, academic reports and textbooks, including :

Translation of academic certificates – Translation of university theses – Translation of training materials – Translation of written reports – Transcript of transcripts – Translating statements of success and failure – Textbook translation – Translation of academic papers – Translation of educational websites – Educational Marketing Materials – Guide books – Special Educational programs

We Provide Authentication Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

You can also request an escort interpreter with foreigners in the Real Estate Registry, all government authorities and for conferences inside and outside Arab Republic of Egypt